BEN LOWY: The Comment Section

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

 © Benjamin Lowy 2017

© Benjamin Lowy 2017

"I’m a big fan of graphic novels—an oft derided literary genre—where morality is drawn in black and white; the hero and the villain. There is little patience for ambiguity in the battle between the two. I am over-simplifying comics, but in its essence it has always been a battle between good and evil. Though, like all good fantasy or science fiction, it masks real world issues under the veil of disposable entertainment. The 2016 election felt like an opportune time for me to combine the illustrations of what I saw, with the textual airings of our collective inner monologues. Twitter as the comic book thought bubble." – Benjamin Lowy, 2017

The Comment Section creatively interprets the divisive political landscape during the 2016 United States presidential campaign. Through illustrations and curated public comments, Lowy depicts the enmity between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, globalists and nationalists, among others. He pairs documentary images turned into illustrations taken during the yearlong run-up to the presidential election, with the absurd rhetoric that filled newsrooms and social media news feeds. The Comment Section gives readers a visual peek into what shook the psyche of a nation. It is a reflection on the growing mis/use of social media and the breakdown of dialogue.’

All illustrations were made from unaltered photographs taken on assignment by photojournalist Benjamin Lowy for Time Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. All tweets and comments were publically accessible. Special thanks goes to my partner Marvi Lacar and my editors Stacey Baker, Olivier Laurent, Paul Moakley, Sarah Morse, Kira Pollack, Abby Sher, and Kathy Ryan.


LOS ANGELES BILLBOARD EXHIBITION: Mona Kuhn + Alex Prager + Jennifer Steinkamp

She Disappeared into Silence, 2017
Mona Kuhn

"For this billboard exhibition, my intention is to expose privacy and intimacy on a collective and public scale. My hope is to transport the audience away from the collective and into the private, and vice versa.” – Mona Kuhn

Mona Kuhn is a highly acclaimed artist and longtime Californian, attending the San Francisco Institute of the Arts before moving to Los Angeles, where she has resided for over 10 years. Known for her large-scale dreamlike images of the human form, her work often references classical themes, though recent works have begun explorations with abstraction. For this exhibition, she has contributed a collage from her upcoming series and book She Disappeared into Silence with text by curator Salvador Nadales, Museo Reina Sofia, to be published Spring/Summer 2017 by Steidl.

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 Orchestra Center (Intermission), 2016
Alex Prager

“I chose this work for the billboard because it juxtaposes the audience and viewer, provoking the questions who is the performer and who is the audience? Where does reality end and artifice begin?”– Alex Prager

Alex Prager is a Los Angeles-based artist whose elaborately staged scenes tap into a shared cultural memory. She frequently references Hollywood cinema in her photography and film, using it as a tool for manipulating realities. “The construction of the images is intentionally loaded” says MoMA curator Roxana Marcoci. “It reminds me of silent movies – there is something pregnant, about to happen, a mix of desire and angst.” The work shown, Orchestra Center (Intermission), 2016, was recently presented at a solo exhibition of her work entitled La Grande Sortie at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York.

 Impeach, 2017
Jennifer Steinkamp

Jennifer Steinkamp is an installation artist who works with video and new media in order to explore ideas about architectural space, motion, and perception. She completed her BFA, MFA and an honorary PhD from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, and is currently a professor at University of California Los Angeles. Jennifer’s work has been internationally recognized for pushing the boundaries of synesthetic and experiential artwork, particularly as our technological achievements and access increases.
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The Billboard Creative (TBC) announced the debut of its first spring edition featuring artworks by three leading contemporary artists: Alex Prager, Jennifer Steinkamp, and Mona Kuhn. This exhibition is the first in a series of micro-initiatives aimed at keeping the mission of TBC activated throughout the year. These artists were selected for their unique dialogue with film and photography, two of the quintessential artistic mediums of Los Angeles. All three artists live and work in Los Angeles and play a vibrant role in the cultural community, fostering learning and supporting emerging artists. The artworks will be displayed on three prominent billboards across the city, with two billboards located in downtown Los Angeles, and another across from Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The goal of this exhibition, as with all TBC initiatives, is to broaden the reach of public art — transforming the streets of Los Angeles into an open-air museum, accessible to all. 

The billboards are on view the month of April 2017.


SOUTHERN LANDSCAPES: Start Collecting Photographs at Brickworks Gallery, Atlanta

 Russell Hart
"Alligator, Lake Martin"

db Waltrip "Andalusia, Alabama"

Jenna Miller "Backyard by Legion"

 Jo Lynn Still  "Buck - Wanderer"

 Michael Kircher "C+O Canal NHP"

  Lucinda W. Bunnen "Cotton Ball Sky"

Aline Smithson "Cotton Sunset, 2016"

  Tamrin Ingram "Feast"

Amanda Greene  "Crossing"

"SOUTHERN LANDSCAPES" opened at Brickworks Gallery, Atlanta, Saturday, March 11th, 2017. The exhibition was juried by me, Elizabeth Avedon, for South x Southeast Photomagazine Exhibitions. Having grown up in Texas, I'm all about "the South"; huge old moss covered oak tree's, swampy bayou's with coral snakes and water moccasins, guinea hens and alligators.... With this call to enter, I chose just a little bit of everything that felt like a Southern Landscape to me out of the over 700 images entered. Laura Adams and crew from Brickworks Gallery beautifully hung the final 60+ images Gallery-style.

Check out these exceptional images and consider which ones to add to or start your first photography collection. All the pieces are for sale starting as low as $200 up to $2,000.

Juried by Elizabeth Avedon
SxSE PhotoMagazine Exhibitions

Brickworks Gallery
686 Greenwood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Email: laurawadams@comcast.ne
Phone: 912-596-3147

Michele Zousmer "Delta Dog" 

 Anne Berry "Donkeys at the Welcome Tree"

 Ashley Gates "Highway 49, Mississippi"

   Mark Caceres  "Ladybugs in March"

  Xilola Gaipova "Lady Bird Lake"

 Judy Lampert
"Kudzu Winter Vines with No Leaves" 2007

  Joanna Knox Yoder "Jesus Saves, Nicholson GA"

Ellen Jantzen "In The Cold Light of Night"

 Bill Yates
"Hawthorne House, Pine Apple, Alabama, 2015"

 Lynne Buchanan
"Serge Kayaking Through the Salvinia"

Jessica Hines "Southern Stories #41, 2016"

 Rebecca Moseman "Watermelon Summer"

Karen Klinedinst "Pastoral, Pharsalia"

Jared Ragland  "Michael in the Pool"

Wendi Schneider "Locust"

 EE McCullum "Blue Ridge Storm"

Marilyn Suriani "Drewry Street Warehouse, Nocturnal Series"

 Robert Schaefer "Evergreen Plantation"

Allison Stewart "Fredericksburg #24, 2012"

  Karen Nutini "Happy Foxhounds" 

Lisa McCord
“A Humid Day” Rotan Switch, Arkansas

Brad Bunyea 
Cordova at Night, Hurricane Sands 5

Donna Rosser "Peachtree City"

 Nicholas Fedak II "Madison Gothic"

George E. Gibson "Meeting Adjourned"

Benjamin Dimmitt
"Oaks + Palms, Disney Wilderness Preserve, FL"

Ben Arnon "Old Car City II"

Henry M Jacobs "St. Marks River" 

Kevin Mellis "Ossabaw Island"

Ashli Brooke Wallace "Oxly Bridge"

Vicki Reed "Ranch Dog"

Lucie Langford Canfield

Frank Fuerst "Resaca"
Dan Kaufman  "Sibley Mill circa 1880" 

 Henry Jacobs "St. Marks River"

Jeffrey Stoner "Standing The Test of Time"

Who's In the Show! Aline Smithson, Ellen Jantzen, Jo Lynn Still, Michael Kircher, Lynne Buchanan, Bill Yates, Wendi Schneider, Karen Klinedinst, Brad Bunyea, Jenna Miller, Db Dennis Waltrip, Kevin J Mellis, Joanna Knox Yoder, Jessica Hines, Donna King Rosser, Anne Jarrell Berry, Rebecca Biddle Moseman, Lacey Terrell, Eric McCollum, Russell Hart, Margaret McCarthy, Ashli Brooke Wallace, Lucinda Bunnen, Robert Schaefer, Vicki Reed, Amanda Green, Judy Lampert, Karen Nutini, Nicholas Fedek, Jan Arrigo, Xilola Gaipova, Luther Smith, Dan Kaufman, Joey Potter, Tamrin Ingram, George Gibson, Preston Gannaway, Jeffrey Stoner, Charles Haynes, Lisa McCord,Malgorzata Florkowska, Henry Jacobs, Jared Ragland, Mark Caceres, Frank Fuerst, Michele Zousmer, Frank Fuerst, Maude Clay, Marilyn Suriani, Ben Arnon, Melissa Levesque, Benjamin Dimmit, Allison Stewart, Ashley Gates, Lucie Canfield....Congratulations to All! Thanks to Nancy McCrary at @SouthxSoutheast Photo Magazine and Laura Adams of Brickworks Gallery!

Check out these exceptional images and consider which ones to add to or start your first photography collection. All the pieces are for sale starting as low as $200 up to $2,000.

Email: laurawadams@comcast.ne
Phone: 912-596-3147
 Margaret McCarthy "The Energy of Cattle"

Joey Potter "The Esthetic of Lonliness"

Luther Smith
"Tree Farm South of Folkston, Georgia"

 Melissa Levesque "Untitled"
 Lacey Terrell "Untitled, Louisiana 2013"

Malgorzata Florkowska "Wisteria"

Jan Arrigo "Cannon, Ship Island"

Maude Schuyler Clay

"Cottonfield Dog, Mississippi Delta"

Charles Allen Haynes “Cruciform Pole”

Juried by Elizabeth Avedon
SxSE PhotoMagazine Exhibitions

686 Greenwood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Email: laurawadams@comcast.ne
Phone: 912-596-3147